Tuesday, 3 July 2007

St. Michael's Mount Series - Photo 1

To DeathSweep,
This series of photos are dedicated to you!
Thanks for your daily visits,

Last week, missed posting as I was up in London to watch the Wimbledon Championships...

Over the next several days, I'll be posting photos of a popular site in Cornwall, St. Michael's Mount. Previously, I have posted scenic photos of this castle on an island, now I'd like to give you a short tour of the island.

St. Michael's Mount, is a rocky island, crowned by a medieval castle and church. It's been home to the St. Aubyn family for 300 years, where they currently reside.

Today's photo is a view of the castle. St. Michael's mount is an odd mix of house, religious retreat, and fortified castle. It was a pilgrimage centre in the Middle Ages, converted first to a fortress, then to a house after the Civil War.

~in 1135 AD, the church was built by Abbot Bernard of Mont St. Michel and consecrated by Bishop of Exeter in 1144. Then in 1193 AD, the priory was seized by Henry de la Pomeray with his men disguised as pilgrims. The castle begins build and De la Pomeray dies by his own hand in fear of the consequences when Richard the Lionheart returns from the crusades.~


Anonymous said...

I like your photograph of this place. To me it looks hard, and cold, and isolated from people. I am not sure I would want to live there, but it might be an exciting place to visit if they allow you to bring cameras.

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Carol E. said...

Great photo!

Curly said...

Oddly, it's architecture is reminiscent of Edinburgh castle.

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DeathSweep said...

Thank You for the dedication to me!!! I just discovered it...I'm usually so busy looking at your pics and trying to see the inside of them that I actually missed this dedication. Thanks Again!!


BTW - I loved them even before I knew of the ded.!