Tuesday, 10 July 2007

St. Michael's Mount Series - Photo 8

This is taken atop the castle of the entire community below. It's a wonderful view of the causeway, which connects the island to that of mainland UK, also visible is the harbour and homes of the few families living on the island.

The harbourside village at St. Michael’s Mount has been home to an island community for centuries. The population swelled to around 300 towards the middle of the 19th century, during the harbour’s heyday as a busy port. Although the harbour is now predominantly used by pleasure boats, the village still houses a number of people whose lives are very much linked to the island. The row of picturesque cottages that lines the harbour area is occupied by the island’s boatmen, guides, gardeners and other staff members and their families, creating a community of about 30 in all.

St. Michael’s Mount lives and breathes history!


Anonymous said...

It is a very nice scene. I suppose the tide is out in this picture.

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Brookville Daily Photo

poody said...

it is easy to envision it in the middle ages as a fortress. How cool!

Hyde DP said...

lovely highlight of the causeway. It was always under water the view times we were in the area