Monday, 9 July 2007

St. Michael's Mount Series - Photo 7

This is the entrance to inside the castle. Out of respect to the family that lives in the castle, no one is allowed to take photographs inside. But, I found it pretty cool to be walking around an 18th century castle, that was still being habited.

At the top of these steps, you find yourself in a moderate sized entrance hall, followed by room after room filled with such magnificent history. The church, which is the oldest building on the island, looked exactly as one might imagine it would have looked all those hundreds of years ago. Behind the altar in the church are three alabaster panels, each one over 500 years old, depicting religious events of huge significance. Made in Nottingham in the fifteenth century, it is still unknown how or when they came to be at St Michael’s Mount.

Anyone coming to visit Cornwall, should make it a point to visit this island, as it is well worth it!


Mrs. Joan Wesley said...

Me again. Did you know that the church still has weekly services? You are right in saying there is magnificent history to the island and anyone visiting Cornwall, would find it rich with history. It's wonderful how you are sharing Cornwall with people all over the world.


DeathSweep said...

I've taken in your entire series of photos of St. Michael's Island and it's beautiful castle and terrain. Thank you for my mini historic vacation!


celestial elf said...

Love St Michaels Mount, its a veritable fairytale castle on a hill in the sea.
The London Snowman { }
had a holiday here and loved it, look here
Recommending Cornwall and St Michaels Mount to all!