Monday, 7 May 2007

Before Sunset!

Trains... They're such a wonderful way to travel cross-country! The people you meet and the places you see engage you in life!

If you've ever seen the movies "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset", you might agree! I suppose it's really just the simple possibility that something like this could actually happen, which makes it so exciting and romantic.

Is there 'someone' who lingers in your memory - someone who makes you wonder what might have been?...

Or, if you're already with that 'someone', what's your love story?


The Salems said...

i agree ... Trains are the way to travel... they may be late and unpredictable for the daily commuter going to work but to travel from Coast to coast you can't beat the train.. sit down relax and enjoy!!!

kim said...

lovely sunset! i loved the movie... ethan hawke is hunk! there is someone that lingers in my memory, but it surely wasn't as romantic - but c'est la vie, some things are never meant to be! cool post!

Kala said...

I've never seen the movie - and never been on a train - although I did come close - I stepped on Nanakuli tracks many a times!!!

Someone lingers in my mind - however - not from the past but in the present - I don't think lingering in the past is as worthwhile as lingering in the present and I have to say she lingers in my mind as the most beautiful, thoughtful, angelic and charming person who engages me in deep thought and conversation. =)