Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Hayle Regeneration!

Hayle Harbour is operated under the Hayle Harbour Act by Hayle Harbour Company Ltd., and is primarily a shellfish port. In addition, winter berthing is provided for the St. Ives fishing fleet.

At present, the flood tide flows through the harbour entrance channel and divides at Middle Weir to continue westwards into Lelant Water and Eastwards into the main harbour area, and Copperhouse Pool and Carnsew Pool. On the ebb tide, waters evacuate the harbour at a rate governed by the offshore tidal level and constraints imposed by the outer sand bar and fixed sluice openings. At the centre of the harbour is a man-made structure (Cockle Bank) forming two channels for water draining from Copperhouse Pool and Carnsew Pool.

A number of the quay walls are listed structures, but many have fallen into disrepair, showing a range of structural defects that require remediation.

The Regeneration of Hayle, relies heavily on the new Harbour Development.

The current scheme will provide chances for the growth of the harbour uses as well as a range of activities to complement the life of the town. Based on a program that could span a period of some ten years, the organic growth of the existing settlement will be positively influenced. The elements of the proposal, which is the Masterplan agreed by the Consultative Group, have been arrived at through consultation throughout the design process. These are:

  • Removal of Cockle Bank and construction of a tidal cill, impounding the harbour area at a minimum half tide level and creating 15 hectares (36 acres) of permanent deep water.
  • The installation of a new sluice from Carnsew Pool into Lelant Water. This will close the existing sluice into the harbour.
  • No change to the present tidal regime in Copperhouse Pool.
  • The remediation of over 40 hectares (100 acres) of harbour land.
  • An integrated transport strategy.
  • The creation of two new road junctions to serve the site and integrate traffic movements with the town.
  • The building of a new two-way road bridge between East and North Quays, with full pedestrian access.
  • The improvement of harbour facilities including a new dedicated area for the fishing fleet, retention of commercial handling facilities and increase in available moorings.
  • The reclamation of part of Carnsew Pool within previously agreed limits.
  • The repair, refurbishment or renovation of harbour walls.
  • The developments of a mixed use scheme with each quay.
The new Harbour plans would provide:
  1. Up to 1530 new jobs safeguarded or created over the programme.
  2. Up to 240 new construction jobs over the programme.
  3. 400 new homes (100 affordable/low cost).
  4. 261,000 sq. ft of cultural/leisure buildings.
  5. 205,000 sq. ft of retail space.
  6. 485,000 sq. ft of mixed use space (commercial/retail).
  7. Projected £100 million of Private Sector investment.

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