Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A Quiet Scene...

Since Cornwall is bordered by the ocean at 3 out of 4 corners, it isn't much of a wonder why so many Britons holiday here in the summer. It's the only part of Britain with a subtropical climate.

Yesterday evening, I took my dog for a walk on the harbour of St. Ives - the tide was going out. Still rather a quiet scene, residents were probably having their dinner and others heading home from work, we were joined by just a few other dogs and their owners. You could smell the fish aroma coming from boats that were docked and the salty sea air... close your eyes and you can hear the seagulls flying above your head!

In a few short weeks, summer will have officially arrived, and this quiet scene is yielded to the visiting crowds!


Anonymous said...

Nice photo of the tide going out or gone. Also very nice that you got to walk you rdog. I walked by Autumn for 13 years. We looked forward to those mornings. Now I am alone.

Their beaks close, their eyes shut and their heads flop over the edge of the nest.
American Robin series starts today in Brookville Daily Photo.

April said...

A wonderful atmosphere and a special light.

Kala said...

there goes that word again - subtropical - i swear ive heard that used somewhere before hahaha - nice meteorologist word =) Nice pic as well!