Wednesday, 2 May 2007

A Lunch Oasis!

Does anyone fancy a pint of Cornish ale and a Cornish crab salad sandwich? I'm off to lunch in a minute...

This lovely Cafe, Bar & Restaurant, serves one of my favourite crab sandwiches. Bought fresh daily from a neighbouring village, Newlyn.

As soon as you reach the bottom of these steps and get onto the walkway, you immediately feel like you're in an oasis. The area is filled so deep with these Cornish palms and plenty of shrubs and flowers and other greenery. Sitting outside on the deck, with my pint of Cornish Mutiny and crab sandwich, enjoying sea views, all set in an oasis of Cornish palms. It's absolutely lovely... guarranteed to send you back to work with a smile!

Have a lovely day!


The Salems said...

make that 2 Cornish pints N crab sandwiches please... sounds great 2 me

alice said...

I do believe you! Palms, oasis...thanks to the Gulf Stream?

Anonymous said...

Nice photograph of an oasis in the middle of civilization. Neat.

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