Monday, 21 May 2007

Canine Hydrotherapy?

When there's been plenty of rainfall, the sand dunes at Gwithian provide wonderful, gigantic pools of water throughout the dunes. Large enough, that we get to take our collie, Molokini, for a swim.

Getting out of the pool at the other end, were 2 huge Alsation (German Shepherd) dogs. Their session was over, as their owner whistled for them to get out of the water, and unfortunately, Molokini had to do without playmates.

Just over these dunes is Gwithian beach. No dogs allowed, 1 April - 1 October!


alice said...

These dogs -collies- have the reputation to be very clever. Do you agree?
About your shot and text yesterday: surf and windsurf are a full time job! (to find the better spot, to look from where the wind is coming, which board am I going to choose...pffff, tiring!) ;-)

The Salems said...

Hello ice..
scampi all round then..
our friends have collies they are very intelligent workers...i'm sure Molokini has his/hers own special character..

April said...

Wonderful to see ... the dunelands change their face several times a year. I've experience this when I visited an island in Nortern Germany.

ICE_Molly said...

Thanks Guys for your visits and comments!

alice- in addition to being very intelligent, collies are also extremely energetic... she NEVER tires! and yes, i follow your sentiment on surfing, sometimes there are so many variable to consider =)

salems- our collie was re-homed with us. so she was kinda like a rescue dog. we were very fortunate she wasn't like most rescue dogs - she was immediately loving and trusting!

april- we aren't as lucky to have the dunes change face...