Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Out to lunch?

The past few days have been cloudy and rainy. Today, the sun has come out, but I am stuck inside working. This picture was taken on Sunday, when there was a little reprieve from the showers. We were out walking and wandered in a nearby fishery... all the men were gathered under a shelter eating and socializing. Perhaps, this person wanted to save his spot.

(I had taken a shot of the men, but what can I say, my camera sucks and the shot didn't come out well...)


The Salems said...

By socializing the men were most likely to be talking about the one that got away and it looks like the fish are talking about the one/fisherman that they caught !!!!

Kala said...

thats a bummer that you had to be inside when the sun is out - I get bummed when the surf is huge and I am stuck inside! I always contemplate calling in sick but since I jus started a newwwww job, I cannot do that "yet" hhahahaa