Thursday, 19 April 2007

'A tight squeeze'

Typical to the English countryside, a lot of the roads are narrow, this one in particular is of a fairly decent size.
As you can imagine they were never really designed for larger vehicles like this one and when another one, albeit smaller, comes in the other direction they can get in a bit of a jam.
As you can see below. The smaller green bus had to reverse about a hundred meters back up the lane and then they just managed to pass each other.


Gerald England said...

Good to know you do at least have a bus service.

Anonymous said...

Almost quaint to see narrow country roads. Or that is what we call them. When I was small, the roads around farms were small or narrow and usually covered with gravel. This one looks like a regular asphalt. Is it not possible to increase the width of these roads? I would also imageine that if a deer ran out in front of you it appears instantly and you smash into it.

It is a nice photo. How did you get your name on the bus?

I just posted a story about my wife's last radiation treatment, for breast cancer, and then our walk afterwards in Nature, and our encounter with President Bush's airplane.

Abraham Lincoln

thesalems said...

Just need a Taxi to come round the corner and they all can dispute with each other who owns the roads ??? the bus destination is good mind...